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Managed IT Services

Why You Should Work With a Local IT Services Provider

By October 6, 2022March 30th, 2024No Comments

In order to boost efficiency, safeguard against cyberattacks, and lower labour expenses, many companies and organizations are currently becoming more reliant on technology. The majority of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses now have a greater demand for IT services providers as a result of this.

IT solutions are essential for consistently raising an organization’s productivity and efficiency levels. It makes achieving goals easier and helps organizations outperform rivals. However, companies typically have a choice between local managed IT services providers, virtual/remote providers, and in-house suppliers of IT services.

For small-medium scale businesses, the in-house provider option may be out of reach due to budget. They’re usually left with remote or local IT service providers. in this blog, we look at some of the reasons why the latter is the best option, and the benefits it brings. IT support


Local Managed IT Services Providers are IT solutions businesses within the same location as the patronizing business. This implies that brands that provide managed IT services Kitchener or managed IT services Toronto are ‘local providers’ to all Kitchener or Toronto-based small and medium size businesses. 

However, if a company based out of England is using a Toronto managed IT services provider or a provider providing managed IT services in Kitchener, such arrangement is described as remote or virtual. While they are many factors that could make a company opt for this, we believe using a local IT services provider can provide the most benefits.


Working with a local IT services provider has some benefits over using virtual or remote help.  Local suppliers of IT solutions are capable of carrying out all the jobs carried out by their virtual counterparts, however, virtual service providers are not as effective as local providers. When circumstances justify it, small and medium-sized organizations might benefit from having IT professionals present at their workplaces.

A local IT supplier in Toronto may deploy IT specialists to your Toronto workplace to quickly and effortlessly assess any issues with your IT infrastructure. In this case, virtual support can be insufficient, and you or a staff member might need some IT expertise before following the supplied professional advice.

Having a local IT Managed service provider allows you to focus on your business and issues get resolved quickly.


One strategy to maintain a healthy local economy is to collaborate with or support neighbourhood companies. Local businesses generate 4.6 times more revenue than multinational corporations, according to LOCO BC research from 2019 on the Economic Impacts of Local Businesses. This shows that the local economy benefits more when firms in the area use one other’s services.

By using the services of local IT providers, small and medium-sized businesses with a need for IT services can boost both their business and the local economy. Firms headquartered in Kitchener will profit from working with a managed IT services company in Kitchener, and businesses based in Toronto will gain from collaborating with a cybersecurity or managed IT services provider in Toronto. 


A local IT services supplier can provide a more individualized touch and a higher level of customer support than a remote provider. The majority of virtual IT service providers give firms generic (one-size-fits-all) solutions, which might not be sufficient to meet your IT demands.

Local providers, on the other hand, diagnose your company to ascertain its technology requirements and offer services that are especially suited to it. This makes sure that all of your IT requirements are met and makes it simple to identify and resolve potential problems like out-of-date hardware configuration or inefficient technologies.


IT service providers in your business area have an advantage over those outside the area in that they have a deeper understanding of the difficulties, economic position, business practices, and other crucial elements affecting the region (province, state, or country).

With this special understanding, it is simpler for them to deliver quality services and do each service correctly. Additionally, when businesses are attempting to recover from catastrophes that impair their IT systems, local IT service providers are more favourable.


Virtual learning and training are rapidly expanding, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, which shook the world and forced businesses and schools to start exploring for online alternatives. Virtual training materials and sessions are still not as effective as in-person, hands-on instruction. Working with local IT service providers is useful in this regard as well.

To ensure optimal utilization and a general rise in the adoption rate of new technology, businesses occasionally need to arrange training. In this case, virtual service providers can only offer minimally useful content (such as manuals and instructional films).

In contrast, local IT service providers are typically present to provide successful on-site training sessions. They offer specialists who can lead workers through the entire training, whether in groups or on their own. For employees to use new IT systems to their full potential and contribute to desired outcomes, training is essential.

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