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Why You Need Cybersecurity Insurance

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If you’re a real estate professional, you’re well aware that the market is fiercely competitive and constantly rising — deals come in 24 hours a day, closings happen swiftly, and agencies and other agents alike must work quickly and without interruption. Technology, on the other hand, both helps and hinders in such situations. The truth is that many real estate firms are unable to operate without interruption as a result of their failure to invest in Managed IT services, and as a result, their workflow and technology suffer. No organization can afford to be suffocated by outdated technology.

However, do you know why real estate agents should engage in Managed IT services? Everyone understands that real estate is a highly complex and competitive market. Reis looks into the top five reasons why Real Estate Agents require Managed IT Services. services. agent

Many realtors keep crucial information and papers on Dropbox or Google Drive, both of which have security issues. Managed IT services can also assist real estate agents with importing, updating, and storing property information and photographs.

There are a variety of different challenges for which real estate professionals require the assistance of a Managed IT expert. Wireless connectivity, hardware support, Outlook set-up, mailing list administration, and software integration are all areas where the realtors require assistance. Reis Informatica’s IT support staff consists of skilled professionals who can give all types of IT support and assistance around the clock.

Monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week is one of the most effective ways to avert severe system failures and security breaches. This is the proper method for controlling and avoiding viruses, hacker attacks, and security breaches, but it is not something that a small organization can perform on its own. 24/7 monitoring necessitates the availability of available labour 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a significant investment in very complex hardware and software. For a smaller agency, such an investment is unaffordable.

Real estate firms communicate with their clients through a variety of channels and have a lot of branches Consider some wireless gadgets that provide “in-the-field” access to papers and files. These layers of communication cause major support issues that can only be resolved by using a Managed IT service provider.

Employee turnover is common in the real estate industry. Adding more brokers and agents, as well as expanding the sales force, will result in a significant increase in IT costs. Having a managed IT service on their side, on the other hand, provides them with the convenience and flexibility that their in-house IT infrastructure requires to deal with fluctuating personnel numbers.

Reis Informatica provides Managed IT Services to real estate enterprises in Kitchener and the surrounding area.  Are you interested in getting started?  Our IT engineers are ready to help you and well-versed in the technology and industry that surrounds it.  Schedule your Complimentary Business Systems Assessment today!

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