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Why IT Infrastructure Matters

By September 15, 2022March 30th, 2024No Comments

The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled businesses all over the world to quickly adapt and migrate to the cloud in order to support remote work. Many organizations have not, however, taken a step back after the changeover to consider if the changes they made were the right ones for the company. Did the modifications position their group for success? Did the new environment allow them to operate in a reliable, effective, and secure IT environment? Was their IT setup more or less effective than it had been before the pandemic?

Changing your IT infrastructure is like remodelling your home while you still live in it.  If you don’t make sure everything is done correctly you could be in trouble!  A poorly setup IT infrastructure will result in a frustrated team, and a decrease in efficiency and productivity, and it will cost you much more in the long run.IT Infrastructure

According to a study by IBM and Oxford, 70% of organizations surveyed believe that IT infrastructure helps optimize business performance and provides them with a competitive advantage.

Most small businesses start out with a “DIY” IT infrastructure that will get your bare minimum results. They invest in basic hardware like desktop computers, laptops, a simple phone system and a router for a solid internet connection. Cloud apps like Microsoft 365 are commonly used to deliver services and collaborate with team members, vendors, and clients.

However, when small businesses expand, they quickly come to the realization that the DIY IT infrastructure will not be able to support their needs. A more advanced infrastructure is necessary and it includes computer speed, reliability, connectivity, IT security, and overall productivity.

Are you prepared for distributions and security breaches?

Taking shortcuts with your IT infrastructure to save money in the short term is not that smart – even something as simple as poor cabling could make a fancy software application unusable.

Are you worried that your present technological infrastructure or IT strategy isn’t performing to its full potential?

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