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Virtual Meeting Platforms Helping People Save Money, Time, and Effort

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In today’s era, with the recent experience of Pandemic, we all realized how imperative it is to have a Virtual Conference Platform.

Most of the people haven’t attended many video meetings in their whole lives as they did in the past six-seven months. Virtual meetings have become the new norm for most companies and especially during the lockdowns and working from home.

Saving time and money, boosting collaboration and cutting emissions – these are just a few of the reasons behind the growing popularity of videoconferencing. Here’s a quick look at the many business benefits.

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Benefits of videoconferencing

While your travel agent might not like it, videoconferencing can lead to a huge reduction in business travel time and cost while increasing productivity. A study by the Carbon Disclosure Project found that businesses could achieve a return on investment in as little as 15 months, while also curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Other benefits include a faster decision-making process, maximizing the input of key employees and lowering stress on staff, resulting in improved morale and better work practices, such as allowing for telecommuting.

Strategically, videoconferencing can help firms get to market faster and improve customer responsiveness while speeding response time to crisis events.

Gigoam Research found that 87 percent of remote users “feel more connected to their team and process when using videoconferencing.” When your colleague in another city is suddenly right on your screen, staff discussions become a lot more engaging – although telecommuters will need to ditch those pyjamas for office clothes.

1. Saves money

2. Convenience

3. Makes training easier

4. Better engagement

5. Saves time and boosts productivity

How do these systems operate?

A variety of software and hardware applications have been developed to facilitate videoconferencing. Common bundles allow you to conduct interactive videoconference calls while collaborating on individual projects. Depending on the bundle, these services may include new telecommunication devices or computer workstations which operate in unison with advanced software.

These systems allow businesses to converse with their colleagues in rural locations or overseas while working on the same report or file, allowing for document sharing and storage.

How can these systems cut costs?

First-class executive travel is a thing of the past with video conferencing since the only travel required is moving to the conference facility in the office or to your desktop computer or smartphone.

In addition to the savings in business travel time and cost, the elevated quality of collaboration allows businesses to avoid project double-ups and the time-consuming process of back-and-forth file exchanges.

Videoconferencing can unlock considerable cost savings for any organization while delivering productivity gains through enhanced collaboration, along with improved morale and environmental benefits. For businesses that embrace the trend, global communication is now just a screen away.


You can save a lot of money if you use video conferencing.  

Businesses no longer have to pay for travelling and accommodation expenses.

It is now possible to manage your business without physical premises.

Make sure that every meeting you hold counts and is productive. You have no idea just how much time is wasted in the name of “business meetings.”

Below is a video on video conferencing etiquette.



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Virtual Meeting Platforms Helping People Save Money, Time, and Effort

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