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Toronto Symphony hit by WordFly Ransomware Attack

By August 23, 2022March 30th, 2024No Comments

One of Canada’s largest orchestras was hit by a ransomware attack earlier this month on WordFly, a digital communications and marketing platform utilized by businesses in the arts, entertainment, cultural, and sports industries.

The attacker also exported user data from the WordFly environment, including information WordFly was managing on behalf of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO), thus the TSO sent out an email on Monday afternoon informing subscribers about the incident that occurred on July 10. For the time being, the TSO has changed email providers to allow for uninterrupted communication.
toronto symphony cyber attack
Although it does clarify that payment and financial data were not duplicated, the statement did not specify how many subscribers may have been involved. The IT systems of the TSO were also unaffected.

The TSO urges subscribers to be careful handling emails, text messages, or phone calls asking for their personal information, and messages that include links or attachments.  That includes messages coming from trusted individuals or companies.

Subscribers to the Toronto-based Canadian Stage theatre company, which also uses WordFly for email communications, were also notified that their email addresses, and first and last names, may have been in the WordFly breach.

“In particular, remain vigilant of any communication referencing your relationship with the TSO,” the advisory says. “The TSO will never ask you to provide payment, financial, or other sensitive information by email.”

They are asking subscribers to check their credit and debit accounts for unauthorized charges and transactions.

And as we always say they are asking subscribers to use strong passwords for personal and financial accounts and to avoid using the same passwords across various services.

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