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Tech Summer Reading List of 2017 from Reis

By July 13, 2017January 10th, 2024No Comments

Summer has arrived and everyone likes to have a book to read while they’re away on vacation, right? We have picked the best tech reads in both Non-Fiction and Fiction that we think everyone will like. Enjoy our tech summer reading list!

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Choosing summer reads can be difficult. There are so many books out there, and you can’t help but wonder “what book should I read next? I don’t want to waste my time.” So, to help you feel confident in your next choice of reading material, we have some recommendations for good tech reads this summer. You’ll be able to stay on top of this changing industry, and be able to learn something in each book. Here are our top book suggestions for both Non-Fiction and Fiction.

Non-Fiction Tech Reads:

This book is a guide through the twelve technological imperatives that will shape the next thirty years, ultimately changing our lives. This book is a bright and optimistic book for our future.

Here’s another optimistic book that alters how you will think about issues of technological, societal, and economic progress.

This read is based on extensive first-hand experience, interviews, and documentary evidence that offers a glimpse of human nature under conditions of freedom and being anonymous, and also shows a puzzling ever-changing world.

Jarvis discovers forty clear and straightforward rules to manage and live by, while illuminating the new worldview of the Internet generation

“Is Google making us stupid?” is something Carr posed. He expands on this argument into an exploration of the Internet’s intellectual and cultural consequences.


Fiction Tech Reads:

Trust me when I say the book is way better than the movie. Mae Holland is hired at the Circle, the world’s most powerful internet company. The Circle links users’ personal email, social media, banking, and purchasing with their universal operating system, which results in one online identity and a new age of civility and transparency. The Circle basically does everything with technology. When do you draw the line at too much technology?

In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. Wade Watts really only feels alive when he’s in the virtual place known as the OASIS. If Wade wants to win the ultimate prize – massive power and fortune – he’ll have to confront the real world he’s been trying to escape.

“Consensual hallucination” that is cyberspace was first envisioned through this book. While the majority of us now live in the world of the Internet that is a collective dream/nightmare, the author also envisioned computers inhabited by saved consciousness (which is actually something being worked on at Google).


So, there are our eight non-fiction and fiction tech reads that we think you’ll enjoy. Are there other tech books that we missed and you enjoyed? Leave those books in the comment section! We’d like to extend our knowledge as well.

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