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Summer Is Here! It’s Time To Update Your Security Procedures.

By June 21, 2022January 10th, 2024No Comments
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Security measures you put in place at the beginning of the year are now getting old and in need of a tune-up.  With so much new technology and so many new risks, it’s important to continue updating your security measures every so often. Here is a checklist on how to update your security measures this summer: 
1. Re-Introduce Your Procedures and Educate Your Staff

You can have the most amazing security measures on the planet but if your employee clicks the wrong link on their computer, you’ve still become infected. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter by impersonating higher-level authorities in companies. For example, a CEO is often impersonated and emails finance, asking to wire money. It’s important to educate your staff on what the proper procedures to follow, and what security risks they may face day-to-day.

2. Update Your Passwords

Every 3 months, you should be changing your password and it’s also important to have secure passwords. Did you know A brute force attack – an attack designed to discover a password through trying every single combination of letters/numbers/symbols? – can now check 8 BILLION combinations per second. A password should NOT consist of words or phrases. A great way to choose a password and remember it is to pick your favourite line from a movie/book, take the first letter of each word, capitalize every 3rd letter, and then repeat. For example; “There’s No Place Like Home.” tnPlh

3. Create A Separate Wi-Fi Network for Devices and Guests

Everyday appliances are now being connected to your wi-fi network, without proper security to prevent it from being hacked into. You may think, “So what? If someone hacks into my fridge, what are they going to do? Turn up the heat?” It’s true that a hacker won’t be able to do much from the initial device, but from that device, it gives access to the whole network and every device connected to it! Your servers, computers and other devices are now easily reachable to the hacker. It’s a great idea to create a separate network that your non-essential devices can connect to, to separate the risk of a major data breach. security summer

4. Security Scan on Wi-Fi Network

Do you know what devices are connected to your network?  It is good to know so you can manage the ones that pose a security risk. Many employees and guests connect their personal devices to the office network, so it’s important to do a security scan on your Wi-Fi network to see who is connected, and then disconnect the non-essentials and security risks.   it’s also good to make sure the employees working from home have a secure network.

5. Let Us Help!

Chances are, you don’t have time to be worrying about security measures all the time, and that’s okay. You need to bring in the security experts!  That’s where Reis comes in!  Our highly skilled team of technicians can help you manage your services so you can feel safe and secure!