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Should my Business have Guest WiFi?

By December 9, 2021January 10th, 2024No Comments

Whether you run a marketing company, financial office, or a retail store – you’ve definitely heard the question what’s your WiFi password?” quite a few times when guests are in your office.  

However, once you give them the password to your company’s WiFi, you’re giving them potential access to everything else on your network, like your security cameras, storage, and printers.  

As providing a secure and stable wireless internet connection to customers and guests is becoming more of a quality standard, consider adding an extra layer of protection by creating a separate guest WiFi network.  

What exactly is a Guest WiFi network? 

Simply put, a wireless guest network is a separate portion of your business’ WiFi that is set up for the sole purpose of use by guests, visitors, clients, or anyone else who frequents your business location.  

Within this separate network, guests can browse the internet, send emails, and stream videos while not having access to your sensitive information, keeping your network secure from potential malicious entries.  

Besides the enhanced security of your wireless network, there are many benefits to having a separate WiFi network available for those who frequent your business, like network usage controls, content filtering, increased scope of advertising, and the ability to gather user analytics.  

Benefits of Having a Guest WiFi 

Having password-controlled guest WiFi can be beneficial for your company in multiple ways.  

1. Enhanced network privacy and security 

Separating a wireless network for your guests can allow you to control who has access to your computer networks, servers, printers, and storage. This network segmentation helps protect confidential information from malicious threats and keeps your primary network – and all the data stored within it – secure.  

Likewise, you protect your entire network from potential infection from malware and viruses that may stem from your guests’ devices from affecting your sensitive customer data or harming your company. 

2. Controlled network usage 

Using a guest WiFi network allows you to measure and limit the data usage utilized by your guests. By regulating the speed at which they use the internet, you can provide reasonable access while ensuring your employees’ network performance won’t be affected. 

3. Content filtering  

In addition to regulating the speed and bandwidth, guests can access, you can also control the content they view. Like parental controls, you can restrict access to particular websites and filter content to stop guests from reaching inappropriate websites or content.   

4. Increased scope of advertising 

Offering a guest WiFi network has another benefit: increased scope of advertisement. This allows you to reach targetted individuals with up-to-date information about promotions, upcoming events or new products without spending on physical marketing material like brochures and leaflets. 

In Conclusion 

Clients and guests have come to expect secure and reliable internet access almost everywhere they go. By providing them with a guest WiFi network, not only can you keep up with their expectations, but benefit your company as well with increased cybersecurity, controlled network usage, content filtering, and a better scope of advertising.  

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