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Reasons To Consider a Cyber Security Assessment

By November 30, 2022January 10th, 2024No Comments

A cyber security assessment is like an annual wellness check-up for your health.  It aims to diagnose potential risks before something serious happens.  In today’s world of remote work and increasing cyber-attacks it has been proven that even some of the most secure organizations can be hacked.   

Here are 7 reasons to consider why you should consider an annual risk assessment.

#1 Your Gut is Telling You Something Isn’t Right

There is a rumble in your tummy and it isn’t a good one.  Or you’ve seen something suspicious that makes you question if it is a cyber threat. Chances are your gut is right!  Examples can be anything from:

  • Finding strange files on your network 
  • Your computers behaving oddly
  • Competitors knowing information about your company that isn’t yet public knowledge

#2 Regulatory compliance requirements

Your business may need to meet regulatory requirements. Compliance starts with a cyber security assessment and then we can make recommendations on how to make sure your business complies.  For instance, there are many rules about testing for cyber exposure in financial, healthcare, energy, and educational settings.

#3 Your staff isn‘t that great with tech

Your staff could be your biggest threat if they are not tech-savvy.  Your investment in security to lock down your “virtual house” doesn’t help if your staff opens the door to anyone who knocks. 

Most employees mean well but some do have poor habits. Some don’t see a problem in securing their accounts (all of them) with a passcode such as “1234” or “password”. Others are naive enough to actually believe that you want them to purchase thousands of dollars worth of gift cards and you need your own credit card number.

Even those with security awareness training can fall victim to business communications scams. Busy employees may not notice when they get an invoice that looks exactly like a supplier’s but with a bad actor’s banking details.  

#4 Upset Former Employees

Are unhappy people quitting? Have you let go of staff recently? Not everyone leaves on good terms, so revoke all former employees’ access and change passwords asap.

Providing former staff with continued access to your cloud-based platform is the same as exposing yourself to germs by waiting on the sick-patient side at the doctor’s office.  

Cyber Security Assessment

#5 Old Tech

The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach is not applicable to technology. 

Old software or operating systems are more likely to expose you to cyber risk. Once software reaches a certain age, the provider stops supporting that solution. Microsoft, for example, is phasing out security patches and updates for Windows 7. 

Don’t be a dinosaur.  If the program needs updates or changes make sure you get this done right away.  Small, unnoticed openings you don’t know about is a candy store for cybercriminals.

#6 Data control policies are not in place

The number of technology entry points to control is always growing. There may be USB drives floating around your office holding important data. Company laptops can be misplaced or stolen. Remote employees may sign on to unprotected WiFi networks and portable devices aren’t properly encrypted.  

Without policies in place to control data throughout your business environment, it’s difficult to determine your vulnerabilities. 

#7 Your employees use their own devices. 

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment can save money.  Your business no longer has to ensure every employee has the latest available technology. But, there are drawbacks and cyber criminals love it!

  • Employee devices may not be up to date, which could make them more susceptible to cyber-attack. 
  • Staff could download malicious software or apps onto their personal devices that give cybercriminals access to your systems. 
  • Users may be entirely unaware their devices carry malware and could infect your systems when connected.
  • The employee may not be the only user of the phone who has access to business information.
  • Disgruntled employees can use their own devices to damage your network. 

Earlier we compared a cyber security assessment to a personal wellness visit. Sometimes when you decide to schedule your checkup a problem that could have been resolved if you would have visited earlier has now turned into something even bigger and that is similar to what happens if you put off scheduling your cyber security assessment.  

Cyberattacks and data breaches should not be taken lightly.  They could damage your business and even leave you bankrupt! If something does happen, your business could lose access to its network or systems for hours or even days. Every moment of downtime proves costly in terms of:

    • Productivity decline 
    • Lost revenues and possible fines 
    • Customer churn 
    • Damage to brand reputation.

A cyber security assessment gives you a clear picture of your business’s risk exposure. Identifying cyber security risks is crucial in today’s world.

Working with Reis Informatica, we’ll help you identify potential security gaps and help to improve your cyber security health long-term. 

Schedule your cyber security assessment with one of our experienced technicians today!