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Quality Engineering Manager Shares Her Advice for Women Interested in Pursuing a Career in Tech

By March 18, 2022March 30th, 2024No Comments

Quality Engineering Manager/ SDET Lead, Xeniya Shirinova, has been in the tech industry for over 17 years!  She loves to challenge herself and keep busy, that is one of the reasons she was drawn to tech. Xeniya Shirinova

When we asked Xeniya what advice she had for the younger generations of women who are interested in working in the field her response was, “Never doubt your presence or if you belong in a room. You belong there. You worked hard to get there. Be proud of your accomplishments and continue to set goals for yourself.”  She also suggests always ask questions to make sure everything is clear and don’t be afraid to speak up.  Be confident!

She expresses her gratitude for the current company who employs her, ApplyBoard.  ApplyBoard is a global EdTech platform.  She says her company is very passionate about education and empowers their team to always remain curious and continue to learn and grow.

Some other tips she has for those interested in advancing in their career is to believe in yourself and always learn and share your knowledge with other women.  Building your network at the beginning of your career can offer so many benefits down the road.

Xeniya Shirinova Quote (1)When we asked Xeniya what can businesses do to better support and empower their female workers and leaders now she recommends offering more flexibility in the workforce in order to have a sustainable work-life balance.  “It’s important to shed light on all of the amazing career opportunities that are available in tech. Invest more time and resources into promoting pathways for women to consider a career in fields like STEM earlier on in a young woman’s academic journey.”

My family, my husband and my kids are my greatest motivation. Family is so important.  Working with the amazing people on the ApplyBoard team also is a huge inspiration!

Finally, the best possible advice she has ever received is to take risks.  Break out of your comfort zone and just go for it! 

Are you interested in learning more about how to get involved in the tech industry?  Maybe you are interested in a career in engineering like Xeniya!  Join us on March 31st as women around the world share their experiences and give advice on how to set yourself up for success in tech!

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