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Outsourced Managed IT Services vs. Managed Services

By January 12, 2023March 30th, 2024No Comments

Managed IT services can help you get the support you need for your business. Outsourced Managed IT Services can do the same, but these two practices are very different. Both involve receiving services from a third-party source, but determining which of the two options is better for you can make your decision-making process easier.

1. Managed Services are More Specialized than Outsourcing

When you outsource your IT services, all of your IT-related needs are handed over to a specific company that provides your business with an onsite staff person who serves as the messenger for both sides. This person is a liaison between the outsourcing company and your business. The managed IT services in the Reis ManagedCare model gives you something that is more specialized. If you hire a managed services provider, it takes care of certain IT operations you’re unable to handle on your own. They work closely with your existing IT team to keep things operating smoothly. The services they provide are customized to your needs.

2. Managed Services are a Longer Term Proposition

Outsourcing is usually completed on a short-term basis when you need help for a specific issue, whereas businesses that rely on managed services tend to view it as a permanent solution. Managed IT services at Reis Informatica allows you to work with your existing infrastructure while outsourcing means you are bringing in someone to handle a specific issue on a temporary basis.

3. Working with a Managed Services Provider Enables You to Be Aware of the Costs Upfront

Perhaps the biggest difference between Managed Services and outsourced Managed IT Services are how you pay for the services. With Managed Services, you are aware of the total cost upfront, even if you are purchasing ongoing service. There is usually a monthly fee and you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying from month to month. While with Outsourced Managed IT Services, what you pay depends on the deal you make with other companies and individuals and performance pay is typically in question. It’s unpredictable and can make it challenging to budget properly.

4. Managed Services Grew Out of Outsourcing

In the late 1980’s outsourcing began experiencing popularity, but it wasn’t until the last few years that managed IT services began its rise to popularity. Many believe the latter evolved from the former.

5. Managed Services are Focused on Management of Appointed Tasks Using the Right People, Processes, and Tools

Managed IT Services focuses on a holistic approach, while outsourcing focuses on the most efficient deployment of work. For example, if a company is able to get higher quality services or something less expensive, they’ll choose to Outsource it. 

outsourced managed it services

The question remains, “Is Managed Services Better than Outsourcing?” Not really. Both have a place in the modern business world, but Managed IT Services gives you more options, is cost-efficient, and allows you to work with experienced technicians. Both can provide protection and reduce your risk, but one might work better for your specific circumstances.

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