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No IT Plan? You’re Not the Only One Facing This Problem

By December 12, 2018March 30th, 2024No Comments

Technology changes very quickly. It’s meant to simplify things for your business, but sometimes IT problems are the source of headaches. Even with developments and growing abilities of the IT industry, it’s difficult to keep up.

Most IT issues that your company faces come from a few common problems – one of these being not having an IT plan in place. In this post, we’ll talk about this problem that your business could be facing – and what you can do to minimize the issue.

no it plan


What we found as one of the most common technology problems that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face is not having a strong IT plan.

Some businesses don’t take the time to plan a secure IT strategy. We’ve seen people who spend more time researching gifts to buy on Amazon than looking into preventative software that’s critical to running a business.

Many organizations tend to think that technology is a “get out of jail free” card for the mistakes that are made regarding the business. Surprise, it’s not. IT is a great thing to have for your business – you’ll be able to save money, have more productive employees, and attract more business.

IT supports a business plan.


You need to make sure that your company works with someone who can help you identify the infrastructure needed for your network that will support the business today and as well as helping you plan for the future.

Lots of times, IT and business owners are detached. Owners see the big picture, but sometimes don’t work with IT to ensure that their goals are accomplished without technology being in the way.

How would a business be different if the organization and IT plans were aligned and the company could scale without limitation? For example, growing significantly over 3 years. IT would be in the loop; meaning that infrastructure could be implemented to accommodate long-term growth.


No matter what the project is, not having a clear plan leads to problems. In the world of IT, organizations often use an approach where they add a laptop on a whim, or install more data capability when needed, or trying a new anti-virus software they’ve heard about.

There could also be an employee that’s backing up data to the cloud, while another has data on a USB drive. Or an employee could be meticulous with keeping their computer updated to the latest version of OS, while another worker doesn’t think about updating their OS.

The development of IT has made businesses more productive, portable, and strong – but it has also opened up chances of vulnerability and opportunity of your company becoming a victim of cyber-attacks.


So, what can you start doing to make this issue not so much of an issue?

Having a plan that is comprehensive, functional and strategic ensures that your organization is protected and exposed to maintenance and growth. This is the best way to make sure that your business survives and thrives in the present and in the future. Hiring an experienced and committed IT person, employee or contractor, doesn’t have to be an option in today’s world. Managed services are becoming more popular. This option is not only able to create an overall business strategy, but also to manage the day to day IT issues that come up. These services support business initiatives and take the worry off your plate.


After reading this post, we hope that you have been able to see that many SMBs also face the same issue of having no IT plan. Hopefully you’ll be able to solve this common issue to improve this aspect of your business.

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