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Managed IT Services

Managed Care with Reis Informatica

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Are you an enterprise owner? 


Do you find yourself not so confident in the IT & CyberSecurity setup of your enterprise?


If your answers were a yes to the questions above, it’s time to rope in a Managed Service Provider (MSP). 


What is an MSP?

Managed Service Provider is an external vendor that monitors, maintains, and supports its client’s IT infrastructure remotely. The scope of work for an MSP broadly revolves around – offering technical support, proactively managing IT inefficiencies, streamlining business operations, data backups, providing remote storage/servers, and robust cybersecurity. 


The size of your organization and internal IT structure would predominantly decide the range of services you would want to opt for while signing the contract with an MSP. Not all MSPs would offer the same products & services. Some MSPs may specialize in specific IT segments such as data storage, and others may work only in particular markets, such as legal, healthcare, and retail. So first, it is essential to identify your business requirements and then look for the type of MSP that would best meet your business needs.


At Reis Informatica, through our Managed Care solution, we help clients save on overhead costs and deal with emails, servers, workstations, backup systems, websites and create a disaster recovery plan. Our fresh perspective on how IT can add more value to the existing framework and improve efficiency propels organizations towards growth.


The plus points of outsourcing IT to an MSP are many. But, let us discuss the top 3 benefits of engaging with our Managed Care.


1) 24×7 Monitoring

 Hackers usually target small enterprises (with smaller IT teams) at hours when suspicious activity is less likely to be detected and noticed, usually overnight or over the weekends. With Managed Care, you can rest assured as your systems will be under surveillance day and night – weekend/weekday regardless. 


2) Disaster Recovery 

To resume business quickly in a disaster – data breach or natural calamity, it is essential to have an accessible secondary infrastructure ready with all the critical data and systems required to run the operations. By virtue of the diverse experience, our experts are well equipped to chart an effective business continuity plan, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring the safety of your client’s data and records.


3) Cost-Effective

Opting for our Managed Care can drastically reduce the overhead costs of getting in-house hardware & hiring staff for operating the specific hardware. It would give you direct access to a team of industry-trained IT professionals in a variety of areas so that way you can save on the training costs.


To meet our clients’ business needs, we have curated two ManagedCare plans for them to choose from. Listed below are the offerings for each- 


1. ManagedCare STANDARD: this gives you room to cut down the cost of managing a large and complex network by up to a whopping 40%. Our team of experts proactively conducts regular tests and performance analysis that significantly impacts the quality of operations of your LAN, WAN, voice, and virtual private networks.


2) Managed Care COMPLETE :  If you are looking for 24/7 monitoring and a fixed-cost IT environment, then this is the plan to go for – our all-inclusive support plan. Under this plan, you will have access to ongoing and backup monitoring; antivirus software; patch management; a proactive, automated help desk; monthly executive summary reports; security administration; a network policy, and guaranteed response times. There won’t be any additional labour charge in any service-related issue on contracted items – hardware, desktops, servers, etc. 


Now that we have a fair understanding of what is an MSP and how it plays a critical role in improving the efficiency of operations for any organization. Let us talk about MSPs’ payment structure. 


Having ManagedCare ensures nothing happens to your IT in the first place. By providing a highly skilled workforce and delivering a needed service cost-effectively, we take on all the IT risks & responsibilities for you and protect your network. If you want to know more about Managed Care, contact Reis Informatica today.