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Maddie Dale Shares How to Set Yourself Up for Success in Tech!

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Today we are featuring Maddie Dale who is an Application Decision Team Lead at ApplyBoard.  Maddie started off her career working in the restaurant industry at the young age of 14.  She went to school for Historical studies which landed her a job working for museums and archives. Maddie Dale


COVID had a great impact on her decision to move into tech. In October of 2021, she took some time to assess her future career path.  She was looking for an opportunity to grow and learn and that is when she found ApplyBoard.  “ApplyBoard’s team is diverse with 75+ languages spoken among the team, 25+ countries with team members and 52% gender parity. This diversity was a big draw for me.”

She believes her unique and different experiences helped her to understand and adapt to the tech industry. “I am so happy that I made the career change when I did. I am very pleased to be working for ApplyBoard which offers so much potential and opportunities for their team members.”

Maddie has some great advice for the younger generations of women who are interested in working in tech.  She strongly believes every opportunity to interview with a potential employer, and communicate with people in the tech industry is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Take each opportunity to learn, adapt, and reflect.Maddie Dale Quote

She also believes that you don’t have to have a degree in something directly related to technology in order to succeed in the field. “I took a chance and it worked out great for me. There is an opportunity for anyone in the tech industry, just be courageous and apply, take the leap. Ask for help if you need to, make connections, network, ask people in the tech industry about their experience, and learn from others.  Do not underestimate yourself, take every opportunity to learn, and put yourself out there. Never stop striving to achieve your goals, and never stop applying to new jobs, signing up for new courses, taking meetings in your network and adapting to change.”

We asked Maddie what businesses can do to better support and empower their female workers and leaders and her response was to treat people the way you want to be treated. Give those who are trying, working hard, and those who are passionate an opportunity a chance to learn and grow.  It ultimately helps the business, and other employees to achieve and reach new goals.

The best professional advice Maddie has received is to continue to think of yourself as a lifelong learner. Her motivation comes from viewing every single day as a new day to learn something. Sometimes difficult situations arise, but she sees every hard situation, or uncertain situation as a time to learn and grow as a professional, and as a person.

Are you interested in a career in tech but are new to the industry like Maddie?

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