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Logistics & Data in the Tech World with Emily Darling

By March 15, 2022March 30th, 2024No Comments

Today we are featuring one of our own superstars!  Emily Darling is Reis Informatica’s Procurement & Inside Sales Coordinator.  Read below as she shares her experiences in the industry and what it is like to work at Reis Informatica.


How did you get started in the tech industry? 
I got my start coordinating in logistics; a love for data, planning, and a desire to move to a more tech-based field led me to my wonderful position at Reis Informatica as our
Procurement and Inside Sales Coordinator.
In your opinion what should we be telling younger generations of women 
that are interested in the field?
Opportunities are boundless in the tech industry and the only way you will learn what you enjoy doing is by trying it out; don’t be afraid to take chances and don’t feel the need to put yourself in a box. Skills are transferable; follow what you love and don’t be afraid to be vocal about your interests and passions, you deserve to be there even if it’s typically male-dominated.


How can women take action and ownership of their professional futures?
Get started; doesn’t matter where just matters you start. I remember being intimidated and honestly overwhelmed by the sheer mass of constantly changing the information there is, but as soon as I dived in things started to click into place and became far less daunting. Seize opportunities that come your way and don’t be afraid to make your own.

In your opinion what can businesses do to better support and empower their female workers and leaders now in the tech world?
Provide mentorship and opportunities for female employees; a lot of females are discouraged from entering tech fields from the start. Being open to cross-training talented/promising employees would be a great start to showing them they have a place and are welcome to the industry.

How do you see the future of the tech industry looking with the impact of COVID?
I see a continuation in hybrid/ work from home activity along with an increased demand for cybersecurity professionals. We’ve seen an increase in cyber attacks since the start of the pandemic and I don’t see that slowing anytime soon. Many companies have been left vulnerable with new hybrid setups and I think we will start to see more of these being exploited as time goes on.

Emily Darling Women in TechDo you feel you’ve had to work harder than male colleagues to advance your career?
I don’t necessarily feel I’ve had to work harder than my male counterparts; more so required to find a different approach. I’ve had to be more vocal and on top of my managers for opportunities and growth where I have seen them cater more naturally to male employees. I also find I must be more careful with phrasing and interpersonal relationships compared to my male counterparts.

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?The best professional advice I have ever received was to not take anything personally and ensure you have your own best interest in mind because no one else will live your life for you. Do not let people’s bad moods and behaviours affect you; the more you can let roll of your back and the sooner you realize people act as a reflection of themselves and not as a reflection of you – the sooner you can focus on what’s important, your goals and priorities, or coming to a sensible solution.

What motivates you every day? 
I am motivated by a consistent desire to learn and grow as well as providing myself and my wonderful dog the best life possible. For me, that entails finding a balance between pushing myself hard at work and having off time to do the things I love. Working in the tech industry has provided the most reliable balance I have found yet paired with endless knowledge and opportunities.

Join Emily and the Reis team on March 31st as women across the world discuss their experiences, challenges and achievements about working in the tech industry!

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