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Learn More About Cisco Spark.

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Communication is about more than simply being able to dial or send a message to employees or partners. It’s about being able to message, meet, and call instantly in a way that strengthens relationships and increases productivity.

CiscoSpark. new collaboration tool 

These days communication needs to be agile. Mobile. Collaborative. All thanks to mobile devices and evolving innovations in infrastructure and applications for voice, video, messaging, and content sharing. The Cisco Spark service makes instant communications and live meetings possible through a deeply integrated set of industry-leading communications tools for an unmatched collaboration experience—that only the Cisco cloud can deliver.

Figure 1. Simply Communicate Better with Cisco Spark

Cisco. message, meet, call

Message. Meet. Call.

With the Cisco Spark solution, you can:

  • Message: Business messaging lets you prepare, share, and iterate on content. Enjoy 1:1 and team messaging in virtual rooms with persistent content and context for team interactions. Cisco Spark services break down communication barriers and make it incredibly simple to work with anyone.
  • Meet: Connect teams and meet customers easily with the added benefits of messaging and content sharing before, during, and after the meeting. It’s easy to schedule or join a meeting at the main office,
    a branch office, at home, on the road, or from a room-based video system. Every meeting is video-centric. Users shouldn’t have to think about what type of conferencing they need before schedule; after all, it’s just a meeting.
  • Call: The service enables voice and video communications via mobile, desktop, and room-based devices. Simply connect your existing PSTN1 services to Spark to enjoy one-touch directory dialling and join meetings from anywhere on any device. Mobile users get features such as single number reach, single voicemail service, video services, and the ability to seamlessly move between devices during a call.

Designed for the Way You Do Business

The Cisco Spark service delivers a powerful set of communications services for all the ways you need to communicate. Maybe you’re a startup business with an ad hoc solution, or you have an outdated key system or PBX and want to upgrade. Perhaps you’ve already made the move to IP or deployed a cloud-based service and want to expand your capabilities even further. Cisco Spark will take your communications to the next level by providing the benefits of a complete business collaboration service for everyone in your company: one service, one experience, for everyone.

Figure 2. Deliver One Service and One Experience for Every Employee

Cisco Spark. Connect and collaborate

Personal productivity on the road, in the office, and with customers:
-Join meetings when mobile, from a desk, or from a room-based system. 
-Move seamlessly between your mobile device and desktop. 
-Access common contacts and call history from your mobile device or desktop. 

Team agility and rapid response from the start of a project to its completion:
-Hold more effective meetings with sync-ups, discussions, and prepare ahead of time. 
-Get access to content and discussion threads during meetings. 
-Review, follow up and take quick, informed action after meetings. 

Acceleration of business growth and success:
-Focus IT resources to move them from being a cost centre to a platform for innovation and growth. -Improve company culture by working smarter from anywhere and connecting and engaging employees. 
-Meet business demands by working faster and smarter, controlling costs, and maximizing resources. 

To learn more about how the Cisco Spark service can transform your communications, please visit or contact Reis Informatica for more information.

Click here to download Cisco Spark White Papers.

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