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Jennifer Fritz

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Supriya completed her Bachelors in Math & Economics from Wellesley College. Post-graduation she worked on Wall street at CSFB (Credit Suisse First Boston) on the derivatives floor.  Upon return to India she opened Kumon for Math & English franchise.  

JEN - photo 
While running Kumon she realized the importance of teaching childrencoding.   
Coding teaches children logical problem solving, creativity and lateral thinking.  
That is when Supriya started to research on the best coding curriculum and in her research discovered AI for kids.  This is when Coding and More was born!

Women in Tech Quote - Supriya

Coding and More is a personalized EdTech startup on a mission to make a difference. The team is run by women with a common goal – to engage, inspire and empower.  Coding and More are the forerunners for AI for students of K-12. The curriculum is curated from the best resources around the world. They follow the framework laid out by the AI4K12 Committee that focuses on the ‘5 Big Ideas of AI’.