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Cybersecurity Strategies

How to Keep Your Website Safe from Hackers

By September 29, 2021March 30th, 2024No Comments

More than ever, your website is your business’s most valuable asset. A well-run website improves your discoverability and generates otherwise unreachable leads. In a world still marked by COVID-19, your website can keep your business running even when it’s necessary to suspend in-person activities. 

But if you aren’t doing your do-diligence to keep your website safe, each of those benefits becomes a liability. 


Hackers are actively looking for ways to exploit your website’s vulnerabilities for their personal gain. If you’re unsure how to keep your website safe from hackers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you develop a plan to protect your business’s most valuable digital asset.   

Is Your Website Secure from Hackers? Top 3 Threats to a Business’s Website Security  

While most business owners have embraced the benefits of expanding their online presence, many aren’t aware of the weaknesses in their website’s security (if they have any security measures at all). These unknowing businesses are perfect targets for cybercriminals. 

If your business has a website, you can’t afford to ignore the following top three risks to your website’s security. 

1. Weak Passwords

Hackers don’t waste time trying to guess passwords on your website. Instead, they use bots to do that work for them. This brute force attack is the most common way for hackers to get into your website, and bots make it incredibly easy. 

A bot can guess up to 100,000,000,000 passwords in a second. Even the most clever combination of names, birthdays, and exclamation points will provide very little resistance to the power of automated cyber-attacks. Using a secure password manager to generate and store complex passwords is a simple way to bolster your website security.    

2. Outdated Software

Injection flaws are one of the most common threats to your website’s security. Injection flaws occur when a hacker takes over your website’s code to manipulate data communication. Hackers can use this attack to steal credit card information, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information.  

The best defence against this hack is updated software. Developers make a living by scanning for bugs that make their software vulnerable to injection flaws and implementing defensive patches. So when you get that notification reminding you to update your software, take heed as soon as you can. 

3. Broken Authentication

From online retail stores to government agencies, all types of entities allow their users to create accounts on their websites. It’s a smart strategy — your website is an efficient way to collect data, communicate with your customers, and record transactions. Without suitable security measures, however, it opens the door to website hackers. 

Hackers can guess (or purchase on the dark web) one of your customer’s credentials, log in, and commit damaging fraudulent activities. A solution to this type of attack is to implement multi-factor authentication when possible. Requiring users to confirm their identity through multiple channels is nearly 100% effective at reducing automated cyber-attacks.   

How Will a Hacked Website Affect My Business? 

It can feel overwhelming to manage your business and website security simultaneously, but it’s a worthy investment of your resources. A hacked website could be catastrophic for your business’s future. Take a look at these disturbing numbers:  

  • An estimated 30,000 websites are hacked every day.
  • Roughly 60% of small businesses go bankrupt within six months of a cyberattack.
  • The global average cost of cybercrime per company was $13 million in 2018. 
  • Total global cybercrime losses will exceed $6 trillion in 2021.

Working with an IT and cybersecurity firm like Reis Informatica is one of the best decisions you can make for your organization’s long-term digital health. Outsourcing your website security allows you to spend your time and creative energy on what matters most — your business.   


Hackers are constantly looking for website weaknesses, and businesses remain the target of their most sophisticated attacks. Fortunately, you don’t have to face the unavoidable risk of website hacking alone. 

Reis Informatica offers 24/7 service, enabling businesses of all sizes to expand their online presence securely. Connect with us to schedule a complimentary business systems assessment. You get to work on your business while we take care of your digital security.  

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