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How to Bring Tech Outside This Summer

By July 24, 2019January 10th, 2024No Comments

Summer is in full swing and we all want to soak up as much of it as we can. Keep reading to see how you can bring technology outside with you. 

bring tech outside


The great outdoors can also be set up to be connected to your home’s smart devices. Some things you can do to bring tech outside are voice assistants trained, automation, and much more. The smart home you have inside can be expanded into your yard – playing games in the backyard, hosting a BBQ, or putting up decorations. With plugs, lights, and battery add-ons, your backyard can be as smart as your home inside. 


Wondering what items to bring on your summer getaways? See our recommendations. 


Below are general ideas of items to bring tech outside. 

  • Outdoor smart plugs – a simple way to automate
  • Outdoor smart lights to provide colour at night 
  • Take your smart home assistant with you with a battery add-on
  • Use a WiFi extender to strengthen the network outside

Want a specific list of recommendations? Explore the below items:

Do you have any other items you use outside? Have other recommendations? Use the comment section below to share! 


Looking to do some reading this summer? Read our 2019 summer reading list. 

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