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Full-Stack Software Developer Discusses Her Passion for STEM

By March 16, 2022January 10th, 2024No Comments

Full-Stack Software Developer, Knajwa Cameron has been working for one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies, ApplyBoard for almost 2 years. She studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Knajwa’s love for science and math, along with the encouragement from her parents and passion for continuous learning landed her a role in the STEM industry.

Knajwa Cameron (1)She encourages the younger generations of women to seek a career in STEM and explore tech from an early age.  Women are equally qualified and capable and it is important to find individuals in school and the workplace who encourage, inspire and challenge you!

“Be bold when applying for jobs, and seek opportunities that will challenge and elevate you,” Knajwa states, “Don’t let imposter syndrome or fear keep you from making an impact!”

Businesses have come a long way in supporting roles for females in theKnajwa Cameron Quote tech world but they still can do better!  The experienced Software Developer believes in creating an environment of respect and a culture where employees are listened to and women leadership is present and respected.  Building safe spaces is another great way she believes women can have the opportunity to mentor one another and learn from each other’s experiences.  

When it comes down to professional advice she believes you do not need to stay in the same field for your entire career.  “Education is a stepping stone, you should explore and try out different jobs even with the same field to find the job that strongly resonates with you.”

The desire to learn and be proud of the work she accomplishes is what helps to motivate Knajwa.  The mission to help educate the world and break down barriers in the education system at ApplyBoard has been another source for her daily motivation.  

Are you interested in being a developer like Knajwa?  Join women across the world on March 31st as they discuss their experiences, challenges and achievements of working in the tech industry.  Be a part of the conversation and receive advice from successful professionals!

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