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Do You Need Cyber Security Support This Thanksgiving?

By October 7, 2022January 10th, 2024No Comments

Are you looking for some table talk at dinner this thanksgiving?  It’s not surprising that in the last few years cyber security support has become a hot topic.

Lots of families could not get together for the holidays last year, but with travel and social distancing restrictions loosening, more families are coming together for in-person Thanksgiving gatherings.

There is still a lot of tension in the country these days and you could be dreading what conversations might come up as the day progresses. Especially if Aunt Mary, who always tends to drink a little too much, shows up. thanksgiving chat

But this is where we have some great news: for topics of discussion, it could be cyber security support to the rescue!

A new poll on cyber security from RBC shows that while most Canadians (71 percent) are knowledgeable about various types of cyber threats to their personal information, nearly half of Canadians (47 percent) are worried that they will be a victim of cybercrime in the coming year.

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated and continuously evolve. While most people are aware of better-known cyber threats such as malware (60 percent), phishing (56 percent), and ransomware (47 percent), there is lower awareness of newer threats. Only (30 percent) were aware of pharming and vishing (28 percent) giving these activities the potential to do more harm,” according to a release from RBC.

Here are a few categories related to cybersecurity, which could be good conversation starters:

• social engineering methods
• deep fakes
• online safety
• cyber hygiene
• ransomware
• data privacy
• cybercrime
• social media safety

If worse comes to worst turkey is always a safe topic.  It has a right-wing and a left-wing!

From our family to yours enjoy your holiday and always be cyber safe!

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