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Chief Strategy Officer Shares Her Advice on How to Succeed

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Christine Lee is one of our guest speakers at the Women in Tech webinar! Christine is the Chief Strategy Officer at Texas Systems Group.  

She is responsible for the daily operations and helping to achieve the long-term vision of the company.  With over 9 years of experience in the industry, Christine discusses how she started out and how to succeed.


How did you get started in the tech industry? 
The tech industry chose me in a way. I was looking to move to a new city and enter a different industry. When I was offered a position at a tech company I knew it would involve continual learning and solving new challenges every day. It excited me and continues to do so.
In your opinion what should we be telling younger generations of women that are interested in the field?
If that is your passion, do it! It is a fast-paced and ever-evolving field with so many opportunities for career growth for continual learners. A growth mindset is essential as the threat landscape and tech environment will look vastly different in 5 years than it does today. Women, in particular, can play a significant role as we bring a different voice and perspective to this industry which benefits both companies and the clients we serve.


What role can male team members play to best support their female peers in the business and tech world?
Start by recognizing that diversity and cultural barriers exist, allow the different perspectives from your team to speak equally, and be an active listener to all voices. Look at yourself in the mirror, or ask a close friend, to see if you bring bias into your interactions with women.

Provide opportunities with your women peers to speak with you about ways to improve your interactions and ask how you can help support them. Help encourage the ladies around you to learn, grow, and speak up. Women need to hear from both men and women to truly excel and become the best version of themselves.

Do not discount the strengths and perspectives that women can bring to the workplace and this industry. We all can bring something to the table.

How can women take action and ownership of their professional futures?

Create an end goal of where you want to take your career. Look at how people in that position got there and start learning what is needed along the way. Find a mentor and/or a career coach to help you on the journey. We do not have to do this alone.

Look for additional resources to assist you on your journey. I found power in reading various professional books over the years that discussed how I could improve areas such as leadership skills, team structure and growth, accountability, customer service, etc. You never know what nuggets you will read in books that help you in your everyday journey. Finding a peer group was also a powerful resource for me to learn from. They have been a great way to bounce around questions, be forward-looking at where the industry is going, and also give/receive advice to get through tough situations.
Finally, walking through personality tests helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. The good ones also talk about how to recognize when your weaknesses are impacting you and how to work to overcome them.

What can businesses do to better support and empower their female workers and leaders now in the tech world?
In my experience, there are fewer women in the technical and leadership level. When outlining career paths, do not assume that a woman wants to stay in their current area of expertise. Help them to explore options if they want to move to technical or into leadership. Be there to provide them with the growth opportunities, education, and mentorship they may need to advance.

Do not shy away from tough conversations to give constructive feedback on how your women workers can improve. This should be done in a professional and encouraging manner; Radical Candor has great methods to help walk through these moments. Avoiding tough conversations is to the detriment of your women workers and what they can work on to really shine as an individual.
Christine Lee Quote (1)Do you feel you’ve had to work harder than male colleagues to advance your career?
I do not feel that I had to work harder but I do feel that it took much longer for others to trust me and understand my capabilities. When I became part of the leadership team, the owners were both still wearing multiple hats and it just took time for them to let go. By the time others joined the leadership team, we had laid the groundwork of fostering trust which made their integration easier.

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

If you do not enjoy what you do every day at work then find something else that will bring you joy. Life is too short and you spend so much of your time at work that it is just not worth it to not enjoy what you do.

What motivates you every day? 
God has instilled in me a passion to help others and be a leader that others want to follow and work with.

Do you have a question for Christine?  Join us on March 31st for our Women in Tech webinar.  Christine is a featured speaker and will be there to discuss her challenges and achievements and answer any questions you may have!

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