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Breaches at Ikea Canada and Two American Healthcare Providers

By May 10, 2022March 30th, 2024No Comments
 IKEA CANADA is continuing to notify 95,000 Canadians that an employee made unapproved searches of its customer database in March 2022. It isn’t clear how the company realized there had been a breach of security controls. Global News reported that Ikea informed them that an employee made what it called a generic search of the database. Ikea said no customer financial information was involved. It also told Global News it made sure the information wasn’t shared with a third party.


Customers don’t have to take action, says the retailer, but warns it is always a good idea to stay vigilant with personal information and watch for suspicious activity.

“It’s important to know that IKEA will never reach out to you to ask for credit card information, and we recommend reporting any suspicious activity to your local authorities,” said the company.

Meanwhile, two American healthcare providers have made public that compromised email accounts of employees were behind data breaches. WellDyneRx, a Florida-based pharmacy benefits provider, said last December it discovered someone had accessed an employee’s email account the previous month. Included in the account were emails with information of some patients including their names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, driver’s licence numbers, prescription information and treatment information. The company isn’t giving the public any ideas on how many people will be notified.

Meanwhile, says the North Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic filed a preliminary notice of a cyber incident that happened in March 2022. A lot of email accounts of employees and clinic files were accessed without authorization. The clinic is still trying to figure out how many patients were affected, but the information that was seen could have included names, financial information, dates of birth, family information, prescription information, and medical information.

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