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Beware of Online Shipping Scams This Holiday Season

By December 2, 2022January 10th, 2024No Comments

Mail delays, supply chain issues, and shortages are not going anywhere anytime soon. Consumers are likely to receive package delivery updates, but not all of them are real. One shipping scams are also on the rise.

Bill Sieglein, a cybersecurity expert and former U.S. intelligence official, said customers are anxious for their shipments and that’s leading to more fake shipping notifications being clicked.

“We’re all inclined to click on links, and we all do it. This is a bad time of year for consumers because the attackers will take advantage of the fact that you’re ordering so many packages to be delivered,” said Sieglein.

Scammers have even found a way around scam filters.

“If the content of the body of the email is a photo, if it’s not real text, it’s got to be a scam. They are trying to avoid software that catches words and will turn that into spam and will block it for you,” Sieglein said.

Delivery Scams

Canada Post will never ask you to pay a fee for re-delivery. And a carrier will leave a slip on the door, they won’t email you about a missed delivery.

To better avoid falling for this scam, save any order confirmations in a separate folder in your inbox.

If you get a notification about your order, go back to the original email then type that information on the shipper’s site instead of clicking suspicious links.

In conclusion, be cautious when reading emails that seem odd.  Most likely they are!  And make sure to think before you click.  That click could cost you thousands!

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