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Back-to-School Tech Security Tips

By September 18, 2019March 30th, 2024No Comments

The back-to-school season is becoming a routine – security should always be a routine. Keep reading to learn our back-to-school security tips.


back to school tech security tips



We are well into our way through the back-to-school season, but we thought that security tips are always needed.

We all know that kids and teens are obsessed with technology. They are either playing games, watching movies or TV shows, on social media networks, or just glued to their devices. 

Classrooms today are embracing technology and are incorporating it into learning that wasn’t thought of a few years ago. According to a Forbes article, in 2014 77% of parents said their children use technology for learning – now 82% of parents say this.  

This matches up with the trend of rapid growth in mobility solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses. Like the business world, more accessibility at home and at school brings more risk. Whether this is through loss and theft, viruses and security lapses, and inappropriate use. 

As parents/guardians, we have the job to make sure that kids are safe before they go to school. As business owners, there is the same responsibility to ensure that systems are secure and are running smoothly. 


Are you more of a listening or visual person? Watch these 2 videos from Global News and CMIT Solutions 


Most of these tips can apply to back-to-school technology and the business world.

  • Start with the critical basics

Laptop locks are a great start. Also, strong passwords should never be shared. Full wireless capabilities are a must in the fast-paced world – virus and malware protection are imperative before going onto public Wi-Fi networks. File sync and share options can make accessibility anywhere possible for everyone, whether you are a grown-up or for school-aged individuals. 

  • Check existing policies before buying insurance for tech devices

Computer, tablet, or phone insurance is an upsell, whether you purchase online or in person. You should check policies (homeowner’s or renters’ insurance) first because many of them cover electronics. Instead you could splurge on accessories for devices – for example, cases, keyboard and mouse. 

  • Do homework before investing in any new back-to-school tech

Whether you are in the market for the following new items: laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, printer, external hard drive, versatile power pack, USB drive, software suite, wearable fitness device; don’t fall for the devices that are generating the most buzz. Try to bring someone with you who can help you make the right choice for your budget and technology needs. 

  • Implement an integrative organizational system

Popular productivity programs such as Office 365 offer many organizational options for at home and in the workplace. This is through email, calendar, and contacts. From synchronized calendars to shared contacts to systemized to-do lists to emails available everywhere. With this powerful infrastructure, you will never miss a business appointment, soccer practice, a scheduled call, and more. 

  • Utilize parental controls to monitor kids’ online activity

Having sensible control over web activity should be the #1 tech tip for parenting. All popular Internet browsers offer security safeguard options and content filters that limit or prevent foul language, violence, sex, and nudity. Alternatively, remote content management can keep users from inadvertently visiting dangerous sites and prevent malicious code from entering a machine. Since kids love to negotiate, consider extra screen time for the use of parent approved browsers, apps, and kid friendly social media networks.  

  • Promote awareness

As technology evolves, so will the number of risks and cybersecurity issues. the 9 pillars of digital citizenship should always be reviewed. These include: access, commerce, communication and collaboration, etiquette, fluency, health and welfare, law, rights and responsibility, and security and privacy. 

  • Protect sensitive data

With ransomware attacks rising, regular backups of all critical information to limit the impact of attacks. In an ideal world, all devices should be encrypted all the time and shouldn’t have sensitive data or unauthorized software installed. 


We hope these back-to-school tech tips help your family and yourself in the workplace. If you have any questions or comments, use the section below!


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