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Many businesses have illegal software installed. Keep reading to learn more about this issue and how you can solve it. 

illegal software


The Business Software Alliance estimates that 22% of all North American software is unlicensed

Many organizations don’t realize that they are pirating illegal or unlicensed software and it can ultimately result in major consequences. Over $81 million in settlements have been collected over unlicensed software. 

You can avoid these consequences by accepting the fact that there is no place for shortcuts when running a legitimate business. This means that everything needs to be properly licensed. 


Hardware and software can also be a problem for businesses. Learn how to solve this. 


There are some dangers with using pirated software. Here are a few of them.

  1. Run the risk of infecting your PC
  2. Risk of the program not working/might stop working
  3. Leaves you vulnerable to attacks 
  4. It will lead to legal problems
  5. The product can’t be updated
  6. Puts hardworking people out of work


We understand that there are some expensive softwares out there. Plus, some software you might not need all of the features that come with their premium versions. So, what options do you have?

  • Use the free version of the software
  • Use a less expensive version of the software
  • Go for an alternative software
  • Check to see if you qualify for a free premium version
  • Buy the software


In order to avoid the risks we provided, always look out for reputable vendors when you buy software. Verify the authenticity of the website before you buy software from the company. Remember that you have options! Price doesn’t have to be the very first factor in your decision to buy software. 

We hope this article has helped you see this as a problem and the steps you should take. If you have questions or comments, use our section below!


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