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9 Technology Facts That Will Surprise You

By June 29, 2017January 10th, 2024No Comments

Technology has evolved quickly over the years, read this post to learn 9 technology facts that you probably didn’t know before now.

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Technology is one of those industries that is constantly expanding and progressing, and it can be daunting. Even though it may seem scary, it can also be fun. Below, we’ve put together 9 facts about technology that will blow your mind.


     1. There are over a million malware threats that are released every day

As technology gets more advanced, viruses and malwares become more complex and dangerous.


     2. Email is older than the Internet

Early email was the process of putting a message onto another person’s user directory so they could see it when they logged in.


     3. Nearly 80% of the world’s traffic for email is spam

That’s why we all appreciate spam filtering.


      4. There are at least 1000+ apps added to Apple’s App Store daily

Crazy, right? What will be your favourite app today?


     5. There are currently 47 billion websites

The first website was created approximately 28 years ago.


     6. There are 3.58 billion Internet users worldwide

This is approximately 47% of the global population!


     7. This year, we will send and receive 269 billion emails, approximately 121 work emails per day

Sadly, about 86% of emails will be spam.


     8. It took the human population 174 years to have 3.5 trillion total photos taken

It has been estimated that this year there will be 1.2 trillion pictures taken.


     9. The web as we know it (for example, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.) represents 4% of the total discoverable web

The remainder of the discoverable web is the “deep, invisible or hidden web.” This means that this part of the web is not discoverable via search engines.


It’s hard to picture what our world will look like in the future, even just in a few years, as the Internet progresses even further. One thing we know for sure is that our lives will depend and revolve even more around the Internet.

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