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6 Reasons Small Enterprise Should Migrate to Cloud Hosting

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Gone are the days when a small businesses’ data load can be handled by in-house servers. In addition, secure data storage is getting more complicated as data flow increases between organizations and over the internet. Transferring to the cloud addresses the growing need for secure storage while lowering technological costs and increasing infrastructure flexibility. 


Your small business may be unknowingly utilizing cloud computing services. Cloud-based programs that you might already be using include Gmail, Dropbox, FreshBooks, and even LinkedIn. Consider how much money you’ll save using these services for your small business!


Cloud computing offers the same level of convenience and flexibility while increasing your level of security and control across your small business. 


Here are six reasons why you should consider migrating to cloud hosting.




6 Benefits of Cloud Hosting


Cost Savings

The cloud reduces the costs of purchasing, maintaining, and updating equipment thus, removing traditional infrastructure costs of hosting. You can opt to rely on a partner to manage these requirements and only pay for the functions your business needs. The pay-as-you-go model allows you to scale your hosting solution up and down, or season to season based on business demand without incurring significant sunk costs. 



Approximately 94 percent of businesses noticed an increase in security after migrating to the cloud.

Cloud hosting enables you to have your data stored offsite. Meaning your data backup services are provided in the cloud host’s office externally. If you are worried about the security of your data, your cloud host can adjust your security settings to fit the reporting and regulatory needs of your company. 


Disaster Recovery

Cloud services enable your small business to rapidly recover data in the event of unprecedented disasters such as natural disasters and power outages. Moreover, 20% of cloud users claim a disaster recovery time of four hours or less, just 9% of non-cloud users can make the same claim. While your small business cannot prevent disasters, you can take precautions to recover fast if one occurs by migrating to cloud hosting. 



In the past years, demand for remote access has increased for businesses of all sizes, from cellphones to tablets to laptops. Considering over 2.6 billion smartphones are being used globally today, is a great way to ensure that no one is ever left out of the loop.  When working remotely became the norm for most people and everyone is going from place to place. Employees expect to be able to access work-related services from their mobile devices as their reliance on mobile technology grows. Cloud hosting can provide your small business a competitive advantage by increasing productivity and ensuring that data security. Mobile connectivity is worth its weight in gold if it allows you to answer client requests faster than a competition. 


Document control

Your level of control guarantees the flexibility and reliability needed for a small business to succeed in a world where content is king. Cloud hosting can enable document-level permissions and allow you to keep track of any changes or edits. In addition, document management ensures the use of a standardized process to document versioning, data consistency, and the ability to restore a previous version of a document in the event of a human error. 



When compared to on-site hosting, cloud hosting provides small enterprises greater flexibility. If you require more bandwidth, a cloud-based service can be quickly scaled up and down without the need to make any complicated to your IT infrastructure. By switching to the cloud, your cloud host handles data protection and storage while your IT personnel can concentrate on pressing business issues.


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Source:  6 Reasons Small Enterprise Should Migrate to Cloud Hosting – HostedBizz

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