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6 Back to School Tech Tips

By July 23, 2022March 30th, 2024No Comments
By the end of the summer, one thing will have become clear to all parents: kids spend a lot of time on technology.  You’ll see young kids playing games on iPads, older kids streaming videos, and teenagers surfing and posting on their smartphones while always having them in their hands.

Technology may also be used for good, encouraging a love of learning in children through the employment of innovative tools and sophisticated software. More linked than ever, today’s classrooms enable even the youngest kids to get a foundational understanding of computers, iPads, printers, and other technology.

Growing connectivity at home and at school can increase the danger of data loss, device theft, computer infections, and security vulnerabilities. Every morning when we send our children off to school, we as parents check to make sure they are secure. However, we must ensure that the technology they use is secure as well.

Thus, much of the back-to-school tech advice below is applicable to both kids and adults, as well as to both work and school. We must take extreme care as business owners to safeguard the systems and secure the data that power daily operations. In our role as parents, we must treat our children, their personal information, and the technology that they use.

1) Attend to the basic needs
Secure any equipment that a child might bring to school in the beginning. Strong passwords are essential, but physical accoutrements like laptop locks can serve as a deterrent against theft (as is the fact they should never be shared with anyone). Fast wireless connections can greatly improve school and office productivity, but it’s crucial to have cybersecurity safeguards in place before connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.
2) Research any new back-to-school technology before purchasing it
Don’t just buy the latest product that’s getting the most attention, whether you’re shopping for new laptop, desktop, or tablet, an improved smartphone, an all-in one printer, an external hard drive, multipurpose power pack, wireless USB stick, new 
software suite, or wearable fitness device. You can choose the best option for your demands and budget by consulting with dependable IT expert. They can also make sure the 
technology is correctly deployed when you’re ready to use it.
3) Exercise caution when purchasing gadget insurance
No matter if you buy your gadget in-store or online, insurance for computers, tablets, and smartphones is always an upsell. However, before purchasing extra coverage, be sure your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy covers electronics. This is true even if a child is using a piece of equipment at school.
4) But think about spending money on accessories.
Screens, sleeves, and other protective accessories can shield any device from minor harm and increase its lifespan. Additionally, investing in peripherals that boost productivity can be well worth it. Examples include Bluetooth keyboards and mice, HDMI cables, wireless headphones, and other tools that improve connectivity.
5) Implement a thorough cloud-based Organization system.
Office 365, a well-known application with built-in email, calendar, and contact management For work, home, and school, Microsoft Outlook offers countless organizational possibilities. You may share your calendars with your family members, update your to-do lists and contacts, and access your email from any location and device at any time. You won’t miss a single meeting, call, or activity at school as a result.
6) Implement practical parental controls to keep an eye on your children’s online activity.
The most crucial piece of advice here is to monitor your tech-obsessed child’s web browsing behaviour, whether they are young children or teenagers. Internet browsers with a good reputation, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer, all have security features and content filters that can detect and block offensive language, violence, sex, and nudity. If your child enjoys haggling, think about offering them extra screen time in exchange for using browsers, applications, and social media sites that have been reviewed and approved by parents.

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