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12 Days to a Secure Christmas – Backup All Files

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If you are looking for French Hens or Golden Rings you won’t find them here.   Reis Informatica is giving you the gift of tips and tricks to help keep your business safe and secure this holiday season.  Check out today’s tip below!  We discuss why it is so important to back up all your files!

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Do you have that one moment where you unintentionally lost data? Whether you accidentally deleted a file or had a server crash or power outage. The fact is that natural disasters do happen, systems fail, and people make mistakes, so it is necessary to have a reliable backup and recovery plan to avoid any significant losses. Every individual and business type needs to back up their data. It is something that every individual and business needs to look into and develop. Most businesses have a data backup plan. However, many small-to-medium-sized businesses fail to follow what they have. 

 Here are some other reasons why you should backup your data. 

  1. Your data and documents are key elements for your business to function

  2. Lost information can lead to business failure

  3. Data backups are your last line of defence against ransomware or cyberattacks

  4. Lost or stolen equipment such as laptops and phones

  5. Human errors

  6. Peace of mind

Now that we’ve established the importance of backing up your data, here are some of the best and most popular backup solutions for you and your business!

USB Drives

USB-connected drives are great for personal and home use. However, they are not ideal for business as they rely on human intervention and are easily misplaced. One benefit of using USB drives is that they have good retention periods and maintain the quality of the store data.

Magnetic Tape 

This option is often used, in conjunction with other backup solutions as a long-term data storage option. It is a cheaper and popular backup medium for storing large amounts of data. On the other hand, restoring small amounts of data may take a longer amount of time while managing multiple tapes can become complex.

Network Attached Storage

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) device gives you the chance to stage options for spooling off to other locations or a facility for storing and compiling snapshots of multiple servers. It can provide large amounts of data storage on the local network and be a source for fast restoration of missing files, all for a reasonable price. One downside to this backup option is that it is not suitable for long-term data storage.

Cloud Backup

Offshore data storage can be a much cheaper alternative than local storage. Although, the quality and price of the service may vary by provider. Cloud services can provide hassle-free and automated backups that don’t require manual intervention.

Hybrid Solutions

Combining multiple technologies often makes the best backup solutions. Such as taking regular snapshots of system and data files throughout the day and storing them on your networked server (NAS). Afterward, the data differential of the changes made during the last period can be stored on a second off-site device, tape, or cloud backup. The usual approach is to back up from disk to disk, then disk to off-site. 

If you have data that’s worth protecting, whether it’s personal or business-related it is important to know which systems can optimize your chances of recovery. Data backup is a simple concept however, figuring out the best solution is not straightforward, so we recommend getting advice from experienced IT professionals as a good first step.

We hope all of this festive cheer and advice is useful and can be used to ensure you get presents and not coal in the company stocking this year! 

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