Cybersecurity in Elmira

Tired of handling cybersecurity on your own?
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Let us help you minimize cybersecurity risks by protecting your business data and reputation.


Why does my company need a Cybersecurity Team?

Protecting your business from disasters such as data corruption, fires, and floods has been the traditional mandate for IT professionals.  Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to keep you safe. There is an incredible amount of people out to destroy your business and steal your money and data.   They will launch attacks against you, your clients, family, and friends. This is why cybersecurity has now become essential.


Why Choose Reis Informatica?

Reis Informatica has invested heavily in developing our own Security Operations Centre.  We pride ourselves in being a state-of-the-art cybersecurity department.  This includes all talent, processes, tool stacks, and worldwide locations to protect your business for a fraction of the cost it takes to do it yourself.  We will always be reliable, available and secure!

    Protect everything you built

    From risk assessments to disaster recovery, we have you covered with a process that works!

    Cybersecurity Circle

    Choose from
    2 cybersecurity solutions


    We provide cybersecurity that reflects your organization’s unique needs. We’ll help you assess and prioritize those needs if you’re not sure where your network is most vulnerable.

    This package is tailored to your operations.


    This is the gold standard in cybersecurity care. This is a managed detection and response system that uses layered security, therefore, it’s the best approach to protecting yourself from hackers. In addition, you reduce the risk of criminal activity on your computer networks.

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