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(Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario) – June 25, 2018 – Reis Informatica, a leading information technology (IT) solutions provider, has expanded into Europe. Its new technical services hub in Lisbon, Portugal, will serve hundreds of clients in North America and Europe as well as clients traveling to Africa and the Middle East.

The expansion allows the Canadian company to take advantage of the time difference between its headquarters and new satellite office, and provide its North American and European clients with 24-hour service. This is an important addition to the company’s offerings, as it monitors and manages their client’s network infrastructure around the clock.

The company’s Founder, Henrique Reis, says he decided not to outsource the work, though it was an option. He noted that “Keeping the office in house is the best way to maintain our standards, processes, security and compliance. We can monitor the quality of our work more easily than if we relied on third-party providers. Quality means everything to me and my team, and this is the best way to provide our clients with outstanding service.”

Since 2008, Reis Informatica has managed the IT needs of hundreds of clients in Canada, the United States, Europe, and South America. At every point in its growth, quality has been top of mind. “This is a very exciting expansion into Europe, and I know it will serve our clients well. We’re proud to provide them with the full suite of high-quality offerings required in this digital age,” said Reis.

About Reis Informatica

Reis Informatica provides outstanding IT management, consulting, and project management services to a wide range of businesses. It also uses products from Cisco, VMWare, and Microsoft to architect simple and complex network and infrastructure systems, bolster network security, and ensure business continuity. Reis uses best practices and state-of-the-art systems to greatly reduce internet-related risks for its clients. Along with its sister company, OmegaWorks Inc., it provides customized IoT data-sensing solutions for clients in manufacturing. Reis has offices in Canada and Portugal, and serves clients around the globe.

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